We recently released the all new BS/BT indoor split unit. When designing the unit, we took into consideration line set sizing. In the past we used a ½” x 7/8” line set. We redesigned the BS/BT split with a more common line set. We will now use a 3/8” x 5/8” line set on 1.5 through 3 ton units, 3/8” x ¾” line set on 4 ton units, and 3/8” x 7/8” line set on 5 and 6 ton units. This is a more common size and will be easier to acquire and in some cases allow the use of the existing line set.

We also recommend that the line set does not exceed 50’. There are instances where this is not possible. If you go over the 50’ length, the unit will still operate properly but there is a possibility that the line set and/or the compressor may have noise issues. Also be careful when installing a line set in the wall as noise will be amplified. Under these circumstances it is possible that the noise issues will not be covered under warranty. Please follow all long line set rules and include a crankcase heater, traps, and liquid line solenoid valve. It is also recommended that the unit be run in second stage at all times.

Below is the table from the EDIM with proper line set sizing. If you have any questions please call our Technical Support department at (618)664-5860. 

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