Direct Mail

When compared with mass advertising like TV, radio and print, Direct Mail is a cost effective way to focus your message on those who are more likely to respond. Enertech has created a variety of postcard designs to give you options on what message you want to use. Postcard designs allow room for dealer logo and contact info on the back side. Some cards may also have space for additional dealer text. When you utilize this artwork with a direct mail/print vendor of your choice, you can also make other alterations to the verbiage to suit your needs and audience.

Mailing List Options

You can provide your own mailing list – using leads you generated at a recent home show or from another existing source – to target homeowners who have expressed interest in geothermal heating and cooling.

You can also rent a customized mailing list that is based on criteria you set. You’ll need to make some decisions about what parameters to specify.

  • Review your list of current customers. What do you know about them that can help you identify potential new customers?
  • Specify a geographic area – a ZIP code, radius around a particular area, etc.
  • Narrow the results by considering the age of the home, home value and/or homeowner income
  • Avoid using parameters that are too restrictive or where data may be lacking

Costs to use (or rent) a consumer lists vary for one-time use. There may be other options for renting mailing lists, such as a longer duration (for multiple mailing) or actually buying a list of names/address outright (although this tends to be cost prohibitive). Check with your direct mail/print vendor for specific details and costs.

Call to Action Message

Keep it short and to the point. Invite them to stop by your booth at an upcoming home show. Send them to your website to register or request additional information. Give them a phone number to call to set up an in-home consultation. Tell them about a job you just completed in their neighborhood. Invite them to visit your showroom to see what geothermal can do for them. Offer a coupon or giveaway item when they schedule an appointment or visit your booth.

Results - What to Expect

The Direct Marketing Association reports that response rates for Direct Mail campaigns average 1-2%. Targeted mailings can generate better results. We suggest trying a few small campaigns first to get a feel for the level of response in a given area. A variety of factors can affect responses, like the area being targeted and time of year. Just like other forms of advertising, Direct Mail works best when it is paired with other types of marketing, like radio ads or email campaigns. These should be done regularly and consistently.

Let's Get Started

Review the files below and download the ones you wish to use on your next Direct Mail campaign. Dealers with access to Enertech's Advertising Resource Center may be able to use the Marketing Path program to launch a new campaign.

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