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An Inside Look

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The Unit Info page gives technicians easy access to all they need to know about Enertech heat pumps. This includes warranty status information, model definitions, and prior warranty claim information. Simply scan or enter a unit’s serial number to populate the unit’s full history. Additionally, the unit info page contains unit manuals and technical bulletins specific to that unit eliminating the hassle of searching through our entire catalog.
EnerTechnician Start Up

Drop the Pen and Paper

Save time and money with our Startup tool. EnerTechnician enhances the calculation for heat of extraction and heat of rejection for water-to-air units and cross-references the results with Enertech unit testing data to ensure that everything is operating within specifications. This helps identify potential issues with the unit's performance and allows technicians to take proactive steps to address those issues. Our PDF report feature makes it easy to document your performance check, giving peace of mind that the installation is done correctly and a record of baseline performance if any future troubleshooting is needed.

Other Features

  • Technical Documents: IOMs, EDSMs, and Tech Bulletins
  • Fernox Calculator: Calculate the amount of Fernox needed by volume or tonnage
  • Contact Enertech Tech Support with the touch of a button
  • View a unit's warranty claim history
EnerTechnician Features

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