What if I don't see a failure code that matches my issue on the warranty claim form?

Each failure type (A-Accessory, E-Electrical, etc.) has failure code OTHER.   Choose the OTHER failure code and use the NOTES section at the bottom of the claim to describe the issue.

Why can't I get any failure codes to pop up on the warranty claim form?

Make sure you have the UNIT TYPE field filled in. If it is not filled in then no failure codes will appear.

If I have more than one unit on a job do I need to fill out a registration form for each unit or can I fill out one registration form for all the units?

You may submit one form with multiple units. Just click the "Register another product" button.

What if the unit is not registered?

The start date for that unit’s warranty will be the date the unit was sold.

Can I still register a unit if it was installed more than 10 days ago?


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